Issue #3, 2016

Table of Contents

  • ABC: Working on the Edge, 
  • Leather Little Slipper: History of Men’s Classic (continuation), Shoes: A Brief History of Design and Manual Processes, Moccasins Online, Vladimir Usatov: Russian Cordonnier (for a first cover)
  • How to… : If there are no patterns, Wall clock with carving
  • Issue Pattern: Mens Bag with the Ancient Russian Ornament
  • Designs
  • Drawing Lessons: 50 Shades of Cheburashka
  • Tips-Top
  • Workbench: Sharp Experiments
  • Issue Pattern-2: Leather POP-ART of Katerina Karavaeva
  • Masters: Fantasy Craft
  • Very Skillful Hands: I’m a little HORSE!
  • World Art: BOHO CHICK
  • Our Master’s Show
  • Digest 3 2016

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