Special Issue “Coloring Leather: Techniques & Chemicals”, 2017

Section 1. „Silk Brush” or Coloring Tools

1.1 Brushes

1.2 Airbrush

1.3 Other Tools

1.4 Computer

Section 2. „Up-down, Obliquely”or Chemical Laboratory on the Table

2.1 Dyes

2.2 Stains

2.3 Antiques

2.4 Finishes

2.5 Other

Section 3. „It was made by us… or by our software???” or sketch drawing on the computer

Section 4. „Tell me, as an artist do you know how to draw?” or a simple coloring techniques

4.1 Overall coloring

4.2 Background coloring

4.3 Single-color dyeing of ornament

4.4 Stains

4.5 Antique gels

4.6 Masking

4.7 „Dry” brush

4.8 „Wet” brush

Section 5. „Further into the forest…” or let’s try something more complicated

5.1 Monochrome Coloring

5.2 Multicolored dyeing

5.3 Gradients

Section 6. „One plus one… and one on top”or combinations of techniques

6.1 Dye+antique paste

6.2 Acryl paints+ antique paste

6.3 Silhouette carving+ antique paste

6.4 Acrylic=Antique paste

6.5 One+one… and one more

Annexes. Additional info for coloring

Coloring Logic(practic)

Rust Stain

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