Issue #4, 2019

Table of Contents

ABCs: Defects of Improper Removal, Preservation and Storage of Skins

Silk Brush: Another Way to Dye and Finish Your Carving

…VS…: Spirit-based Dyes VS Water-based Dyes

Masters: Alexey and Albina Mashskiy: Super Complex and Simple

Workshop: Compaund Belt, Broke… Build!


Workbench: Kangaroo, But now about Round!, Leather from Ostashkovo: Swimmer seems jumped to the water!

Experiment: Has anyone tried to colour …THREADS ???

In Details: „Ribbon” Letters


Every Kind of Vanity: Saadak. Faithful Archer Companion

Braiding: Peculiar Properties of „Lightning”

Our Master’s Show

Digest #4-2019 EN Excuse me, but you have no rights to see it!