Issue #6, 2019

Table of Contents

Masters: Artyom Imech

Workbench: Crease, Washers!!!

In Details: Monogram „baroque” style carving

Craft & Business: What does the “gas station country” produce?

Workshop: Broke… Build!

Workshop-2: A Simple Mask on an Elastic Band


Workshop-3: Brooch „Blue Poppy”

Little Leather Slipper: Dye Your Shoes

Braiding: How to Braid the Nest; Knots for 4-plait braiding

Experiment: Contrast & Sandpaper

Every Kind of Vanity: ELWATS 2019 by Eyes of Ralf Meisel; Kings and Cabbages or What is „Hand-Made”?


Digest #6-2019 EN
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